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Our Story

Our story began with the foundation of a great friendship.
We first met when we were introduced to each other in Los Angeles by a mutual good friend & musician.
We started talking, and quickly realized that both of us were part of the same music community in LA.
We liked the same songs, we knew the same bands, so we went to a few shows! As we started to see more familiar faces around us, it became obvious that we had way more mutual friends and a lot more things in common than we originally thought! At this point, we were having so much fun hanging out, that it seemed like we were spending almost every day together. Inseparable. Best buddies. We made each other laugh, ate lots of nachos, went to hundreds of concerts,
and enjoyed some family holiday parties together. Hit the town in Vegas a few times. Met more friends.
Took some awesome road trips, late-night plane trips, and even more incredible Boat trips!
(Including that one boat trip with a successful proposal :)
It just felt like we were unstoppable. So, we did the next obvious thing. We moved in together and got a couple of dogs! We're keeping things rocking & we're still on a roll. After spending almost every day together for over 7 wonderful years, having a blast and making new memories, we decided to keep our party going and tie knot 1,000 feet high in the sky, above the Stratosphere.
Now we are getting married to start our new journey together and a new chapter in our lives!
We love each other. With love that was built on the foundation of a great friendship.